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Configuring Route 2 Prefixes

Oct 23 2012

Assign secondary routes to the “00” prefix

Did you know there’s a hidden feature in the VoIP Reseller Panel that let’s you set two completely different routes for the same destination? We call this the “Route 2 Prefix”, because your customers can use this route by dialing the prefix ’00’ before their call.

Why use Route 2’s?

Route 2’s are a great, simple, easy way to customize rates for different customer segments. Most resellers use Route 2’s to create a low-cost alternate plan alongside their existing one. Because it’s so easy to remember, your users will always know what to dial to save some money (and drive you more traffic).

Screencast: Setting up a Route 2

Login to your reseller panel and go to Rates -> Agent Rate. From here, pick a rate plan you want to customize with Route 2’s and click the “View” button. Available route 2’s will appear above the normal routes for you to customize.

We made a quick screencast to show you how it’s done:

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