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About iWorldServices


Your Voice to the World

We are a global VoIP carrier with an international IP gateway in Silicon Valley, California. We partner with small and medium-sized businesses to satisfy their international voice communications needs, and with legacy telecommunications companies to launch new IP-based communications services

We can provide our international network, web-based applications, open-source software platform, mobile and many other communications products, and billing management tools to organizations to help them start, grow, and manage their own VoIP business.

Our team will plan, design, and implement IP-based, ISP, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max networks and services adapted to local conditions.

We also develop and deploy new telecommunications products, including mobile dialers, business voice communications services, pre-paid VoIP calling cards, and internet café telecommunications services

We have extensive, deep business and telecommunications (network and service deployment) experience in emerging markets around the world. including: Russian Federation, China, Brazil, Taiwan, Argentina, Angola, Dominican Republic, USA, Canada, Peru, Libya, Gulf States, and many more countries.

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