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iWorldServices offers expanded Customer Support for VoIP Resellers in the Middle East region

International wholesale VoIP vendor iWorldServices announced today that its Middle Eastern HelpDesk will start providing sales, billing, and first-tier technical support from 10 am – 6 pm EET, in addition to the previously available off-hours support. The support will be available on all days, except Monday and Tuesday, in Arabic and English.

As a reliable business partner, we keep strengthening our relationships with customers by providing comprehensive local support,” says Daniel Jensen, VP of Marketing at iWorldServices, Inc. website load test “The total customer satisfaction has become one of the key differentiators in today’s VoIP market, as resellers are increasingly evaluating their vendors in terms of their overall experience with the brand. In the past, we have observed our investments into the customer care organization invariably improve subscriber retention and loyalty rates. And we believe this time will not be an exception to the rule.

While saving money on outsourcing customer support often comes at the expense of quality, iWorldServices does not sacrifice either. “By bringing support personnel closer to our customers in the developing countries, we pay less compared to a typical US customer care organization and win our customers’ sympathies for putting them in touch with trained professionals who can be just a few miles away,” says Paul Falchi, the company’s CEO and founder. ”This is what gives us a competitive edge on both fronts.”
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iWorldServices offers Private Label solutions for VoIP resellers worldwide

International wholesale VoIP vendor iWorldServices announced today that it has released a new service for VoIP resellers. This service allows entrepreneurs in the emerging economies to resell telecommunications services under private labels. A mini-website that can be developed by the iWorldServices support team enables the independent branding of VoIP services, the maintenance of separate call logs and call rates, and the creation of multi-level reseller networks under a private label.

“We believe that this new service offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in the developing countries to generate revenues by providing affordable telecommunications services to the low-income callers. website speed test Connecting people across the borders will have a long-lasting positive impact on the local economies,” says Daniel Jensen, VP of Marketing at iWorldServices, Inc.

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iWorldServices Sets Sights on Developing Countries

iWorld Services is Positioned in Emerging Markets with its Centerpiece ‘Anywhere Anytime Internet Telephone Solutions’ package for Call Shops, Internet Cafes and Small Businesses

International VoIP reseller iWorld Services made its official debut this week, but that’s not the story. In mid-July, eight weeks prior to formal launch, The Berkeley, California, based VoIP reseller captured the lead in the international VoIP reseller competition as rumors of its ‘Anywhere Anytime Internet Telephone Solutions’ service spread through the VoIP resale industry. It was understood iWorld Service’s superior technology would deliver the brightest voice clarity, and superior security and fraud management, with no dropped calls.

iWorld Services’ advanced user friendly technology and back-office support system are unparalleled by other VoIP resellers. The company’s services emphasize in-depth customer training and support; web marketing support; and continuous upgrading of all training knowledge and tools. The training optic focuses solely on the creation and support of individual businesses in Emerging World markets, markets with enormous populations and unmet demand. “Brazil and the Dominican Republic, Oman and Kuwait in the Middle East, Cameroon in Africa, and Nepal are examples of locations underserved by costly and inadequate infrastructures with inferior communication services,” said CEO Paul Falchi.  “We’re energized. We’re meeting goals and deadlines, and implementing our vision of empowering individuals and small businesses in those countries with advanced telecommunications technologies and services at radically lower rates.”

Distributors are attracted to iWorld Services by low entry costs, low risk exposure, the advanced training system, and an immediate revenue stream created by offering in-country services at industry leading rates using local currency and no credit card requirement.

iWorld Services formula includes:

  • Turnkey VoIP package and platform for any existing distributors and resellers ready to market locally
  • Always-on-account management and customer service
  • Multiple products and services allowing end users to call worldwide
  • Freedom to distributors and resellers to extend credit to agents, call shops and internet cafes

iWorld Services is founded on CEO Paul Falchi’s 20 years in senior telecommunications management, internet services and international marketing. Falchi was instrumental in founding Golden Telecom, the first public and largest independent telecommunications provider in Moscow, Russia. Golden Telecom is now listed on NASDAQ. iWorld’s VP of Engineering Ka Lun Chan is former VP of Network Operations at TalkFree and former senior manager of Network Operations and IP Services at COVAD and Northpoint. Dan Jensen is VP Marketing and former VP of Internet Services at GTE/Verizon. David Yu is VP of Network Operations, and former senior manager of Planning and Integration at COVAD and Northpoint.

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