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China sip termination

China sip termination is available from iworldservices. We are experts at long duration voip termination for China. If your company needs retail grade long distance minutes going into China, we can help you! Our routes are also good for intra China traffic. This would be China to China termination. Our vendors can handle up to 5,000 channels of such termination with full cli. Let us know if you need no plus sign in front of the 86 or if you need short ani (ie no 86 or plus sign in front). Please no short duration China dialer on these routes.

This voip route is specifically for China long duration sip termination with acds of over 1 minute in duration and ASRS of at least 40 percent (hopefully 65 percent plus). Billing increments are 1/1 and the route is strictly prepay in nature. http://www.iworldservices.com/china-sip-termination/ http://www.iworldservices.com/china-sip-termination/ http://www.iworldservices.com/china-sip-termination/For more questions or our China sip termination route please fill out the form below.


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