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VoIP Reseller Program & Wholesale IP to IP Termination

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VoIP in Colombia: Reseller Programs and IP to IP Wholesale Termination for VoIP businesses, callshops, callcenters and more – all with high quality calls, on our high capacity network.

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iWorldServices is a leading Wholesale Termination Provider and VoIP Reseller Provider in Colombia and South America.

We provide reasonable rates, excellent quality national and international calls, local ATM card options, Western Union/Money Gram and bank payment options, plus the trusted business partnership that only iWorld can provide. Read on to learn why we’re the best VoIP provider for VoIP call shops, VoIP resellers, Cyber Cafes, and VoIP businesses in Colombia.

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For Colombia:

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VoIP for Your Business:

Colombia VoIP Reseller Program

iWorldServices’ VoIP Reseller programs provide everything you need to sell low-cost, high-quality VoIP service to mobile users, call shops, other resellers, or enterprise businesses.

We provide all necessary software free of charge with no usage limits, including PC and mobile dialers for Windows, iPhone, Android, Nokia, and other smartphones. Manage your customers and monitor your traffic in real-time with our easy-to-use online portal.

Payment options for Colombia

For Colombia, we offer the advantage of local payment options with ATM cards – ask your account manager. You can pay at any Money Gram location or at any Western Union office. In addition, we accept standard payment methods like paypal.

Your account balance never expires, and our network’s state-of-the-art fraud prevention algorithms keep your accounts safe – even if you lose your password!

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VoIP Routes – IP Termination

iWorldServices provides the best VoIP routes at the lowest rates to top destinations from Colombia, like Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and USA.

Our wholesale termination service is second to none in the industry, with the lowest rates, built-in fraud protection, and no charge per channel.

Secure, scalable network

Co-located in six separate server farms on three different continents, our network keeps your data – and customer-facing services – safe and secure. We maintain consistent backups between locations, so even if disaster strikes in one area your service will be routed to a backup location.

Beginning in 2012, we expanded our overall network footprint over 500%, enabling all wholesale termination customers to host 10,000 concurrent calls. And unlike other providers, we don’t charge per channel or port.

We also offer you the following benefits:

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Mobile VoIP Dialers

We provide all Nokia, iPhone, and Android mobile dialers free of charge to customers, with unlimited downloads. Browse all available downloads on our website: Software Downloads.

Our dialers come with:

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Asterisk Consulting with iWorldServices

Our extensive knowledge in customized Asterisk based solutions can help you to get your project up and running in no time.

If you already have set up a:

  • Call shop
  • Calling card platform
  • Small or medium business solution
  • … Or anything which can be built on the scalable Asterisk platform

In all the above cases, we have already done most of the work for you and you can use the solution as is or with customization for your needs. iWorldServices is delivering a one stop shop from set up to termination calls from or into the PSTN phone network.

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