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Wholesale VoIP Termination, Mobile & PC Dialers, and SIP Trunk Services

iWorldServices is a leading VoIP telecom and IP telephony provider based in California, USA, which operates in over 60 countries worldwide.

We make it easy for VoIP Mexico resellers, call shops/casetas, and VoIP termination providers to resell high-quality, low-cost IP telephony service to mobile & PC users, or to bundle services for resale to businesses or organizations (SIP Trunking, SIP Trunk or IP Trunk.

iWorldServices gives you the opportunity to start your own VoIP business in Mexico without the high costs and risks that come with establishing an IP telephony server yourself.
iWorld VoIP Resellers don’t need to configure any complicated equipment and the billing and finance is included in the sales panel. Our Multi Level Reseller Platform VoIP provides you with everything you need to have a company that sells IP Telephony for PC users, mobile phones and even traditional ones, using ATAs (analog telephone VoIP adapters). Best of all, you do not have to pay to different suppliers, as we offer the VoIP reseller program all-in-one and our online support team is available everyday. Talk to a sales manager for testing before making your first recharge.

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Key Benefits for VoIP Mexico Resellers:

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VoIP Mexico

In addition to providing wholesale VoIP termination and VoIP dialers, we offer customized programs for specific businesses:

VoIP Mexico Reseller Programs

We specialize in providing all-in-one solutions for VoIP Resellers in Mexico – all software, dialers, customer management tools, and marketing support necessary to sell IP telephony products to your customers.

As a recognized industry leader since 2007, iWorldServices provides low rates, high-quality & user-friendly dialers, and customer support that other providers can’t match. We also provide free testing and one-on-one training for all new customers.

Mobile & PC-to-Phone Dialers

We provide all Nokia, iPhone, Windows, and Android mobile dialers free of charge to customers, with unlimited downloads. Browse our VoIP dialers.

Dialers features:

Private Label VoIP Mexico

Our Private Label VoIP add-ons let you resell our products under your own brand. You keep your company name, logo, color scheme, and domain name in front of customers, while we provide the quality backend services your business needs. It’s a proven way to increase sales, and something we recommend to most mid-size and larger resellers.

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Wholesale VoIP Termination

With over 200 direct carrier connections and 1,200 available routes, we offer VoIP termination providers a wide selection of CLI, White, and Grey/Mixed quality routes to choose from.

We also offer you the following benefits:

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Software for VoIP Call Shops – Casetas

Call shops are big business in Mexico and throughout Latin America. iWorldServices provides free downloadable callshop management tools for all callshop customers.

Our software runs on Windows PCs (XP and higher), and because it runs on your local machines it works well even without a strong internet connection.

Additional features include:

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SIP Trunk for Asterisk, IP PBX, FreePBX, etc

Our SIP Trunk Programs are a great way to add low-cost inbound and outbound international calling to your business phone system.

Starting at just $25/month for 25 seats (25 concurrent calls), our plans provide the most value on the market. Create SIP accounts for both IP phones and mobiles, so your sales team can stay connected on the go, plus monitor account use online in real-time using our newly-redesigned interface.

In addition, we bundle free USA / Canada minutes with every plan, from 2,000 per month.

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