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SIP Trunking

Every business needs a scalable, high-quality communications solution. Our SIP trunking packages provide you with a simple, cost-effective way to connect your business to the world. Whether your business currently uses an IP PBX or traditional analog phone system, you can use SIP to make outgoing calls – and cut your business phone bill 80% in the process.

Manage Your Account Online

Check your call records, remaining minutes, balance, and payment history online with our account management portal. All records are updated in real-time, a big plus for businesses with multiple locations or many active channels.

High-Quality Outbound Calls

Gone are the days of spotty VoIP quality. Improvements in voice compression algorithms, network quality, and bandwidth mean that most white or “CLI” VoIP calls will sound clearer than calls made over a traditional phone network. And of course, we only use white and CLI routes for SIP Trunk.

24×7 Online Technical Support

Our support staff are available on messenger 24×7 to answer your questions. Your account manager is also available during regular business hours to help with questions as they arrive, and will assist you with the initial setup of your SIP Trunk or existing phone system.

Service in Your Language

We’re a truly international business, with clients in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, and North America. Our support team and account managers are fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Works with Asterisk, Elastix, and more.

If your IP PBX or phone system can be configured to work with SIP Trunk, then it will work with our system. We have extensive experience with Asterisk and FreePBX and would be happy to assist with their setup or refer you to a qualified IP consultant.

Can I use SIP Trunk with an analog phone system?

Yes, however you will need to purchase and setup integrated access devices (IADs) to convert your analog phones into digital, VoIP-ready phones. The up-front costs can be significant – in the $100’s of dollars – but for many businesses this initial investment is superior to either upgrading to an IP PBX (which considerably more expensive) or staying tied to analog phone service.

In what countries is this available?

We provide origination in every country except the United States. If your originating servers are located outside of the USA we can provide you SIP Trunking. However, we are looking for partners in particular countries! If your business operates in Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Hong Kong, Brazil, Lithuania, Slovenia, Vietnam, South Africa, Chile, Peru, or Canada, we are looking for partners to expand VoIP service to more businesses in your country, with significant revenue opportunities for you as a reseller or value-added service provider. Contact us for details.

What are my minimum requirements?

To use SIP, you’ll need at least a high-speed internet connection. >500kb/s is preferred. Test your internet speed here. You will get considerably better performance, particularly when hosting multiple concurrent calls, when using a T1, fiber, or cable internet connection. In addition, you need either an IP PBX, or an IP gateway through which to route your analog telephones.

What payment methods do you allow?

We accept payment by Western Union, Money Gram, QuickPay, Citibank or Bank of America Transfers, and (in some countries) cash or ATM deposits.

Can I accept incoming calls?

SIP trunking only helps with making outgoing calls, so you can’t use our service to accept incoming calls. SIP trunking will be most valuable for companies with a high-volume of outgoing calls, especially international calls. You can, of course, still configure your IP PBX to accept incoming calls – you just need DID numbers to configure in your system.

Do you accept telemarketing or call center traffic?

NO. We do not accept customers with a very high volume of short duration (<50 seconds) calls, which means we typically do not provide service to telemarketing, survey, or call center businesses. This helps maintain our relationships with other telecom carriers and provide higher quality service for traditional business customers.

Does this include DID?

DID is not included with our SIP trunking plans, but could be configured separately by your IT manager at a separate cost.

How does the fee structure work?

When starting a new account, there is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $25.00 to cover your setup, configuration, and training. There is also your monthly package fee, which starts at $25.00 with 25 channels and 2,000 minutes included. If you go over your included minutes, you will be charged a flat-rate per minute which is deducted from your account balance in real time. Because of this we require all first-time customers to include a $100.00 overage deposit to get started, for a total setup fee of $150.00.

Dialer termination is available at iworldservices. Our company has access to many dialer termination routes for USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, China, and more destinations. We have 15 years of experience in the dialer termination sector. This gives us a real advantage in this hard market to service. Our underlying termination carriers like this type of traffic so this is not a problem for our firm to service dialer termination.
If you need high calls per second (CPS) or high channel counts (300 to 5,000 ports) let us help you with your dialer termination needs. Our routes are fas free and support DTMF for high call back percentages. Our routes are excellent for call center termination or wholesalers that have access to a lot of dialer termination. Typically our routes are billed in 1/1 for international and 6/6 for USA / Canada. Most of our vendors are pre-pay only, but there are some exceptions to this rule.
If you have a special requirement outside of the above mentioned destinations please email us below and we will see about sourcing these destinations for you. In addition if you would like to view our dialer termination pricing and / or test our dialer routes please fill out the form below.
China sip termination is available from iworldservices. We are experts at long duration voip termination for China. If your company needs retail grade long distance minutes going into China, we can help you! Our routes are also good for intra China traffic. This would be China to China termination. Our vendors can handle up to 5,000 channels of such termination with full cli. Let us know if you need no plus sign in front of the 86 or if you need short ani (ie no 86 or plus sign in front). Please no short duration China dialer on these routes.
This voip route is specifically for China long duration sip termination with acds of over 1 minute in duration and ASRS of at least 40 percent (hopefully 65 percent plus). Billing increments are 1/1 and the route is strictly prepay in nature. For more questions or our China sip termination route please fill out the form below.
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