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Why Choose iWorldServices?

Since 2007, iWorldServices has provided high-quality, low-cost wholesale VoIP service to thousands of Canada VoIP Sip trunking customers, call shops, & enterprises. We’re experienced in our markets, offer honest pricing and service, and stand by our customers in times of need.

More VoIP resellers trust iWorldServices than almost any other provider. In 2011, our network transmitted over 1.2 billion SIP minutes for over 15 million end users worldwide, and 2012 is poised to be our best year ever.

Key Features & Benefits:

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Wholesale VoIP Termination Canada

voip termination server colocations 300x168 VoIP Canada

Our global server network provides continuous backup and unparalleled speed and call quality for wholesale termination providers.

VoIP Termination Made Easy

Super-charge your wholesale VoIP operation with iWorldServices’ wholesale Canada voip termination platform.

View calls in real-time using our easy-to-use online portal – up to 10,000 simultaneous calls at no additional charge.

Plus, our state-of-art distributed server network delivers low-latency, high-quality connections and super-fast speeds that other providers can’t match. Rest easy as our 24×7 fraud protection algorithms actively scan your traffic for hackers – and immediately block them when detected.

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*Note: Not all customers will qualify for post-paid service.