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iWorldServices is wholesale VoIP provider for VoIP reseller, IP2IP / wholesale VoIP termination, and SIP Trunking throughout world. Our multi-lingual account management and support teams are experts on the VoIP market, IP telephony, and Asterisk-based solutions.

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Features for United Kindgom:

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VoIP Business Solutions

United Kindgom VoIP Reseller Program

Perfect for Call Shops!

iWorldServices offers a number of advantages to VoIP resellers and businesses in United Kindgom, including:

Our VoIP Reseller Program is an all-in-one solution for your business. We make it easy to sell and market mobile or PC-to-phone VoIP service that saves your customers money without any sacrifice to call quality.

Since 2007, iWorldServices has been a leading VoIP provider. We have years of experience in fast-changing markets like Asia, America, and Europe, and have built relationships with over 200 carriers Worldwide.

All plans are Pay-as-you-Go, with no contracts or hidden fees. Read more about our VoIP Reseller Program, compare our VoIP panels, or contact us for a free rate quote and test account.

Mobile & PC-to-Phone Dialers

GoIP, Calling Cards, Nokia, iPhone, Android – we work with everything.

We provide VoIP mobile dialers or SIP access for the devices used in United Kindgom, including Android, Nokia, and iOS / iPhones.

Our network can easily interface with most GoIP and gateway devices, making it easy to setup calling card or callback services for your customers, all with the best VoIP rates and audio quality on the market.

iWorldServices offers the following advantages to call shops and internet cafes in United Kindgom:

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Asterisk Consulting

Our engineering team consists of US-based experts on the open-source Asterisk communications platform. We can help you setup, configure, and customize Asterisk to fit your business needs.

If you already have set up a:

  • Call shop
  • Calling card platform
  • Small or medium business solution
  • … Or anything which can be built on the scalable Asterisk platform

… then we have already done most of the work for you. You can use our solution as-is, or we can further customize it for your needs. iWorldServices is delivering a one stop shop from set up to termination calls from or into the PSTN phone network.

Send us your contact information and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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