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Wholesale VoIP Termination & VoIP Wholesale Rates

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Wholesale Termination Made Easy

voip termination server colocations 300x168 Wholesale VoIP Termination

Our global server network provides continuous backup and unparalleled speed and call quality for wholesale termination providers.

IP2IP Wholesale VoIP Termination

iWorld offers competitive and affordable, high quality voice termination around the world.
We provide the service to other VoIP service providers, carriers, ISPs, small businesses, and call shops.
It is fast and easy to start with us; you only need to create an account and recharge prepaid balance using one of our accepted payment methods.
You can then configure your device and make national and international calls.

Plus, our state-of-art distributed server network delivers low-latency, high-quality connections and super-fast speeds that other providers can’t match. Rest easy as our 24×7 fraud protection algorithms actively scan your traffic for hackers – and immediately block them when detected.

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iWorld Wholesale VoIP Termination – Features & Benefits

Wholesale VoIP from iWorldServices: Top-Quality Wholesale VoIP For You and Your Customers.

iWorld is one of the largest wholesale voice termination suppliers in the world; with worldwide direct interconnects and competitive A-Z rates.
It makes sense why companies looking to enter the wholesale termination business would choose iWorld.

Sign-up for a free test account and see for yourself how efficiently iWorld wholesale VoIP can work for you. Set up and activation is quick and easy.

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